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Full Cold Moon Sound Bath

Experience Sound Healing with a Wave of Beautiful Vibrational Healing

February 23rd, 5:30-7pm


A rejuvenating Full Moon Sound Bath Experience!

Melt into vibrational sounds of singing bowls & and healing tools, bringing you easily into a deeply meditative state where busy minds settle and your body can heal.

Singing bowls may be placed on your body which works to further relax muscles, release cellular toxins, clear the meridians and energy fields, and activate your self-healing mechanisms.

Moonology Oracle Cards full moon ritual. We take the opportunity to charge, cleanse & and heal at the monthly full moon. Embody your forgiveness in recognition of past transgressions. Recognize, Release, Renew! Essential Oils & Sage Cleansing. Moon Energy Exchange

Bring your yoga mat, blankets, crystals, essential oils, a pillow, an eye pillow/covering & and a water bottle. Some blankets & and bolsters are available for use.


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