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Private Lessons


Why private lessons? Sometimes you might want or need the individual attention

 that comes with a private lesson. One-on-one sessions with a teacher can help

you deepen your personal practice. If you are a beginner, starting with a series of

private lessons can help you learn the basics faster so that you might feel more

comfortable in a group class. If you are recovering from an injury, a private

lesson can teach you how to modify your practice to best serve your body. 

Perhaps taking classes doesn't fit into your personal schedule. Private lessons are

the way to go! Find the relaxation & workout that you need, tailored specifically

to your body!


Any of our teachers are available for private lessons. The initial session is $75 for

90 minutes. Subsequent sessions are $55 for 60 minutes. Purchase a

single session or a pack of Five 60-minute sessions for $250 to truly

deepen your practice

. To schedule an appointment here or contact the studio directly to schedule an appointment with the teacher of your choice

at 1-800-381-0972

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