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Setting our intentions for the year

Setting our intentions for the year

Every year on January 1st is the beginning of a new year. We celebrate and rejoice in the fresh start that a new year brings. So many of us use this time to set new year’s resolutions. We want to make changes but so often by February we have lost our momentum.

Resolutions stem from something we want to change. Watching less television, losing weight but they do not get at the heart of what is really going on with us. Setting our intention is a way to change how we look at our goals. It gets to the heart of what is really going on for us. Setting our intention is more about getting to the inner feeling, the flavor of what we w

ant to invoke. To find your intention.

  1. Take a seat. Get comfortable and breath. Close your eyes and let yourself just be. Turn off your phone, and get rid of distractions for just a few moments and get quiet with yourself.

  2. Look back over your last year in your mind. What struggles did you have? What went well? What are you grateful for? Bring all these to mind.

  3. How do you want to feel this year? If you felt that you were just surviving last year, do you want to thrive this year? Do you want to focus more on your family or currier? Do you want to make self-care and nourishing yourself your focus? Looking into your inner wisdom how do you want to feel in your gut?

  4. Write this down. Start on a scrap piece of paper. Is your intention one word of a sentence? Play around with the wording until you get it just right.

  5. Make it pretty. Get a beautiful piece of paper, some nice coloring utensils. This is not about your artistic abilities just make it come alive. Enjoy the process of making it beautiful.

  6. Hang it. Place it somewhere that you see it every day. Have it be a reminder to you of how you want to feel. When things are hard and you are getting off track come back to your intention. Use it as a source of inspiration and strength to get you through the hard times.

Intentions can be used to help you create your goals for the year. If you want to lose weight coming back to the why and how you want to feel is what is going to keep you motivated. We fall off track when we don’t know why we want to do something. We don’t want to lose weight just for the sake of losing it. We want to lose weight so that we feel heathier, stronger have more energy.

We can use these 6 steps whenever we need to check in with our selves. When we need motivation. It is important to write them down on paper. The act of putting pen to paper uses different neuropathways in the brain than typing them. Writing them stays with us longer. I often will take a picture of my inspiration paper to have it pop up at me throughout the day.

We all have the abilities to reach our dreams through living intentionally. We start by setting our intention.

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