200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training




An integrated style of yoga that incorporates vinyasa flow, restorative,

and yin yoga while thematically weaving yogic philosophy, conscious living,

and energetic concepts into a physical and spiritual practice


  • Basic and advanced yoga poses

  • Chakras

  • Meditation

  • Pranayama

  • Yoga Philosophy and Lifestyle

  • Anatomy

  • Observe, assist, and modify poses for others

  • Qualities of a Yoga Teacher

  • Different Yoga Styles: restorative, yin, chair, prenatal, partner, children

  • Practicum


Cost:  $2500. Early-bird Special and Payment Plans are availble. 


Pre-requisite: This training is open to all sincere students of yoga who want to deepen their personal practice.  We recommend a daily home yoga practice of at least 20 minutes and at least one group class a week with a teacher of your choice for at least six months leading up to the training.   This will set a strong foundation for the group, generate questions about practice, and inspire you to learn more.Students are expected to maintain a regular yoga practice; at home or with a RYT teacher before and for the duration of the training.


Frequently Asked Questions…


Q: What if I can't stand on my head/do a handstand/do anything else you think yoga teachers should be able to do? Can I still teach yoga?


A: Yes, you can teach things you can't do.  But a more likely scenario is that your personal physical, mental and emotional growth through this program will prepare you to do things you never knew were possible- both on and off the mat!  You will be ready to try new things, you will be stronger both in your physical body and in your mind!


Q: What if I don't want to teach but I just really LOVE yoga?


A: Perfect! I will not chase you down if you are not teaching yoga after you complete this program!!  This program is a wonderful chance to deepen your own study of yoga and of yourself.  There are very few programs in our area that offer this in-depth of a program in which to study yoga, whether you want to teach it or not.


Q: What if I can't pay the $2500 at one time for the program?


A: No problem! Check out our payment options! 


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